The Essentials Of Dissertation Formatting In The APA Style

The APA format is one where there is requirement for strict adherence to guidelines. There are several issues that need to be addressed along with the few things on which you will have format your paper rigorously. But formatting for the APA is nothing like formatting for the other kinds of academic paper. There are some serious considerations to be made and you cannot afford to be loose at the start.
For a paper to be written in the APA format, it is very important that you get the format of the paper correct right at the start. Here are a few things that you will want to note about the general format of APA papers.

General dissertation guidelines

It is safe to start the formatting of the paper with some general guidelines in mind. Here are some general informative tips that work for all APA style papers:

  • There must be margins of one-inch on all sides of the pages. This is important to make sure the papers are well spaced out.
  • The line spacing must be 2.0 at all times. We should write the paper first. Then select the entire paper and select the spacing as 2.0. Setting it at 2.0 before writing will add the default spacing to it.
  • There should be page numbers on all pages of the paper. You may add the page number manually at last or automate the process.
  • The running header should appear on all pages of the paper. This is a shorter version of the actual title of the paper.

Title page

The title page starts with the page number and the running header. It is in this page that you include the information like the title of the paper and the page number. There are several ways in which you may go about the construction of the title page.
Make sure there is central alignment for all text except the running header.


The abstract of the dissertation is about one page in length. This is where you mention about the things that are important for the paper. This is also the space where you tell the readers about the purpose of the paper. Make sure that the readers get to connect with the actual feel of the paper here.
The references portion needs to be done meticulously in APA papers. You must make sure there is enough evidence that boils down the accreditation part.
Give credit to authors in a veritable manner. Always mention the full name of books. If you need expert help, check DissertationTeam.

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