Dissertation Topics on Renaissance

One of the fascinating moments in history is the renaissance. It inspires college papers since there are a variety of topics students can choose from like literature, art, and architecture. The period was full of development based on politics, culture, and science.

Practice versatility when presenting a dissertation. When you choose a broad theme, you will have the freedom to focus on your interests and research on areas that will be meaningful. Choosing the right topic opens the way for you to get good points. Here are some of the assembly topics:

  1. Comparison of Renaissance art to medieval pieces

It is a topic that anyone can have the inspiration to handle. Select the paintings from the periods based on your understanding and make a comparison in great detail. You will have a space for discussions about what led to the coming of such pieces of art. You can also note what inspired the painters to come up with the paintings.

  1. Critique an underrated painting

Many people have documented on Mona Lisa, The Vitruvian Man, and The Creation of Adam, among other famous paintings. Get yourself a topic that is not obvious. Seek one that not many people know. Walk-in museum hallways or make a virtual tour of the museums. Have your focus on the less noticeable items, pick a favorite, and begin your research. You can research the previous owners and note something about them. You can focus on their life and get to the relatives too.

  1. The depiction of Renaissance food culture on paintings

Most Ph.D. students choose some topics with the mere overview of impressing the community of academia. It is not a must to follow this path. If you select an unusual dissertation that is both fun and engaging, you will impress the academic committee. You can only do this if you choose a great topic and execute it in a way that will impress the masses.

Food was a critical theme during the period of renaissance. The painters used food to depict the stature of the painting subjects. You can do your research and find the luxurious foods that were available during the period.

  1. Perception of a painter through centuries

When it comes to this, remember that it is crucial to select a painter that is not well known. There is Matthias Grunewald, Paolo Veronese, Masaccio, or Fra Angelico. Choose a painter based on his popularity. At his prime time, but has since been forgotten by people of today.

If you hand over this topic to a student in college, they will probably handle it like an essay with the formats they use in the texts. There are few resources, especially online, to explore to make a judgment on this topic. It, therefore, means that conducting such research will be a daunting task for many people. It is for this reason that it is great for writing a dissertation. You will put your focus on something that is not common to the ordinary citizen, and that also means that you will have to strive to get the information that is valuable to the public at large.

When selecting a topic, get something controversial that will raise eyebrows.

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